3D Horrible Halloween Pumpkin Screensaver

3D Horrible Halloween Pumkin Screensaver is one 3D screen saver and it is one of the bests in the web.
System Requirement
Windows xp/Visa/7

What is the part of the Halloween you love? If this question is asked, then most of the people will answer with one single word and that will be the vegetable pumpkin. If you are also one of them and like that eerie light coming out of the curved pumpkin, then you can now make it a part of you all through the year. It is true that, you have to put in a lot of labour to create that eerie smile in the pumpkin during that time of the year, but with the help of technology, you can now enjoy it completely, without sweating too much.

Screensaver Features:

  • Colourful crisp graphics
  • Realistic environment
  • Amazing visual effects
  • Stereo sound FX/Music
  • Password protection
  • FPS counter
  • Pure enjoyment!

3D Horrible Halloween Pumkin Screensaver

Download for Windows | Download for Mac
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