3D Christmas Snow Village Screensaver

The Snow village is one of the beautiful scenery
System Requirement
Windows xp/Vista/7/8

The Snow village is one of the beautiful scenery. You pleased to see the snow on the village. The village is the symbol of the peace and the calm life. Whenever you see the screen saver of the snow village you feel that you are in the environment of the calm life of the village and snow is here and there it gives the natural feeling with cold essence. The village is colorful designed and each color of the village adds unique experience and gives the amazing experience. So if you want to make your laptop display then add the snow village on your desktop and enjoy the calm environment.

Publisher Description:

Christmas is at your door, so let Christmas mood in your house, installing Snow Village 3D Screensaver! With its fascinating houses and bright decorations, Snow Village seems to be the most appropriate scenery for a traditional Christmas story.

3D Christmas Snow Village Screensaver

Download for Windows | Download for Mac
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