3D Solar System Screensaver

3D, Solar System,Space Exploration, Screensaver
System Requirement
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

It is for this reason that this website presents some of the best screen savers which money can buy. All of the different screen savers in this website are completely high definition and are in 3D. This is why people make it a point to avail these screen savers on a regular basis. This particular 3D screen saver takes an individual to a journey through our solar system. Being based on Space Exploration, this screen saver provides extremely detailed and realistic animations which can most certainly provide a highly enjoyable experience to the people who avail this screen saver.

Screensaver Features:

  1. Colourful crisp graphics
  2. Realistic environment
  3. Amazing visual effects
  4. Stereo sound FX/Music
  5. Password protection
  6. FPS counter
  7. Pure enjoyment
Download for Windows | Download for Mac
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