Best 11 Computer History Eraser and Cleaner Software

There are wide range of tools that are available for cleaning one’s system of junk files, folders, registry entries, cookies, browser entries, and much more. It is a known fact that all software that are available for computer clean up don’t erase computer traces efficiently. Instead some amount of junk files, folders, etc still remain back in the system. Cleaning of junk material from the system helps in enhancing performance of the system in addition to freeing-up huge amount of memory space that can be used for storing other important data. Given below is a brief introduction of some tools that will assist users in cleaning their system perfectly.

1. Cleanup

This is not only a freeware but also among the fastest file cleaners that will clear certain amount of junk files from the system and will not ask for user permission. This computer clean up tool comes with a multi-tab dialog-size interface that requires very little explanation. It will require only a few minutes to set options and the program is ready for cleaning the system efficiently. CleanUp works best if it is set for day-to-day cleaning. In this case, it will remove all junk files quickly each day from the system. It works silently without affecting other tasks, processes, and performance of the system. Furthermore, people can customize it for cleaning newsgroups subscription, recycle bin, cache, cookies, game scores, and favourite places.

Computer Cleanup

2. Pctools privacy guardian

This is simple to use and extremely powerful tool that helps in keeping the system safe from the prying eyes. Pctools privacy guardian works by erasing internet browsing, chat, search, as well as other online history from the system. It will also hide files list that were opened recently so as to keep the system use private. The sensitive files of users will be deleted in a secured and safe manner. This tool is pretty compatible with all latest internet browsers and will erase browsing history, passwords, download logs, and search history. People can even use this tool for media players, email clients, peer-to-peer file transferring programs, chat programs, FTP browsers, and much more.

Clean Activity and History Traces in Browser – Privacy Guardian

3. Free internet eraser

This is a free internet eraser that protects privacy of one’s system by permanently deleting past computer activities and internet browser history. It permits users to delete search history, internet history, browser history, internet cache, run history, cookies, address bar history, window temp files, save/open history, recent document history, and much more. Furthermore, users will have access to automatically delete all history tracks during windows shutdown or startup. It supports different types of file systems, Microsoft Windows, and so on. This computer clean up tool also has the ability to delete clipboard history, recycle bin, temp files directory, files, folders, windows startup manager, schedule tasks, and much more thereby increasing speed and performance of the system.

Free Internet Eraser

4. Tracks Eraser

Tracks Eraser is an excellent tool for cleaning the system of all kinds of internet activity records, erasing popular application tracks, and erasing registry entry and files permanently. This tool has the ability of operating on all Windows version as well as on some highly popular browsers. Suppose users have a browser that is not a part of standard Tracks Eraser, publisher will offer them 100 plus plugins so that they can customize their installation. This tool can also delete playlist histories from Quicktime, Media player, and realplayer in addition to deleting Acrobat and Microsoft recent files list. This computer clean up software comes with a boss key for hiding browser so that tracking this tool becomes impossible. People can use this tool for all popular browsers like FireFox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and many more.

Erasing Index Dat File for Protect Your Privacy Info- Tracks Eraser

5. AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser

AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser is a tool that helps in protecting privacy of the system by quickly cleaning-up tracks of a person’s computer activities and internet activities. This tool has been integrated with Internet Explorer and hence, it will erase history, typed URLs, cookies, browser cache, autocomplete list, and much more in just single click. This computer clean up software can be set automatically for deleting tracks when users quit Windows or IE. It comes with an open plugin support for erasing disk and freeing up space. Currently, this tool offers 30 plus plugins and supports almost all popular programs such as WinZip, realplayer, ultraedit, Ms office, Media player, and many more.

Cleaning Up Tracks of Computer Activities- AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser

6. Free Internet Window Washer

This is computer clean up free tool that works as internet tracks eraser as well as privacy cleaner software. When users are using their system or browsing internet, they leave behind their activity traces. There are in-built functions in Windows but they don’t protect your system. Moreover, a huge part of activities that people carryout will consume valuable disk space of their system and hence recovering this particular space will be profitable. All that people require is clicking on free internet window washer for securely erasing computer activities, internet tracks, as well as program history information that is saved in hidden files in their system. Users also get the option of cleaning data from their PC in a much secured manner so that in future they cannot be recovered.

Free Internet Window Washer


Maximum internet browsers will be storing different information about sites visited log-in credentials, etc. on a person’s system. Irrespective of whether people are the only user of their system, malicious programs will find used passwords and will be sending those to people having dishonourable intentions. Hence, it becomes vital to remove these traces and best way of protecting privacy of one’s system is making use of Tweaks Privacy Defender. This computer clean up tool scans for all traces that are created mainly by internet browsers and deletes them immediately. It works well with all major internet browsers and people only are required clicking on Start Scan button for performing deletion task.

100% Free Remove Traces Software- PRIVACY DEFENDER

8. Privacy Mantra

Privacy mantra is a tool that will clean one’s system from both offline and online tracks. Maximum individuals aren’t aware of the fact that information of the sites visited by them will be stored in index.dat files that stays there even when they remove cache and internet history. Furthermore, information about executables run, movies watched as well as documents open is also saved. There are prints that cannot be manually deleted because they are locked by system. This computer clean up tool helps in erasing as well as washing away maximum privacy threats in the machine including index.dat files, recent documents, internet history, cookies, cache, search assistant, run files, recent documents, Google Toolbar, Mozilla FireFox, and much more.

Free Keep Computer Clean from Online and Offline Tracks – Privacy Mantra

9. Cyberscrub privacy suite

This tool helps in protecting privacy of your system. There are not many individuals who know that chat room conversation, webste addess, video clip, and pictures are written on hard drive. This software will protect their system by removing all traces of online internet activity and history. It can easily recover deleted files. Even sensitive data like health records, financials, passwords, etc. are saved from unauthorized persons, computer technicians, and snoop. This computer clean up tool allows users to delete data by allowing them delete methods. You can fix issues by a single mouse click. Moreover, downloading and installing the tool is also very simple.

Protect Your Internet Privacy- Cyberscrub Privacy Suite

10. Complete Cleanup

Internet tool cookies are information bits that are stored on the system when users visit any webpage during browsing. It can lead to certain privacy issues because this allows sites to track as well as log browsing history and habits of people. Apart from internet cookies, the system will also store cache files, web history, search engine history, videos and pictures that users view, password information, web addresses, and much more. There is large amount of hard drive space that is waste and slows down pc performance. ActiveX and Java Applets controls are there in one’s system and several entries are hidden in system registry. Disk cleanup software offers complete solution that cleans all primary browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so on.

Clean Up Internet Privacy and Disk tool – Complete Cleanup

11. Anti tracks

This tool helps in eliminating risks of having highly sensitive data recovered permanently by deleting every trace of the recovery information that the delete key in one’s system is not able to delete. Anti tracks help in hiding folders and files that users don’t want other users to know by disguising them like audio files or photos. Moreover, this computer clean up permanently erases folders and files from the system by making use of file shredding algorithms. It will wipe browser history as well as cleans windows usage history so that it can never be recovered or viewed by others.

Clean up Junk/Duplicate Files, Erase Tracks – AntiTracks

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