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Blender is a great 3D graphics program and the suite is entirely free! If that isn’t enough to convince you, the fact you can fully build your 3D pieces while not investing thousands of dollars means you can afford to teach yourself. Everyone knows that this type of work is paying tons right now and whether you want to do it for fun or for a profession, Blender is the perfect place to begin your 3D learning experience.


Many artists find the interface a problem for going from concept to reality on the screen. Blender attacks this problem by allowing for a fully customizable interface. There are now so many options you need to be able to set up the screens so it easy for you to navigate. This includes adding text and building themes. The more user-friendly the interface the faster you can work.


The sculpting features for the character modeling gives you control. You can fully alter the looks and size of the characters you are building. You can run the smoother in order to make the character look the way you like. You control the sharpness and even if you are working in 3D or 2D.


This feature allows you turn your character into a posable character. The calculation and deformation options give you a realistic version of the character in multiple positions. It even allows for the right weighting of the character.

Solids Modeling

Hard surfaces are a whole different ballgame when it comes to 3D. The solids modeling option in Blender gives you a realistic look to all your solid pieces like cars and everything else. You can even work with the mirror modifier to make the image totally accurate and easy to manipulate.


A fully integrated kinematics system allows you to animate completely. You don’t have to start from scratch, but rather drag and drop so that the animation looks realistic and accurate. You can manipulate the audio playback to ensure your animation is matching the vocal or audio tracks. The Python scripting access for custom animation gives you the ultimate freedom.


After you build your pieces, everyone knows the trouble comes in the rendering. You have your characters but you need to build the cover so that you get the real look you are going for. Adding these layers gives you the oversampling and finished look. The Blender version of rendering runs quickly and effectively and you will have the right toon shading.

UV Unwrapping

Everyone knows that light makes and breaks whether the animation looks real or stylized. You can build multiple UV layers in order to create the look you are going for. You can easily make things look more “real” or more fun all depending on your style.

Raytrace Rendering

This is the function that allows you to have a “real” look to your animation. It is meant to treat light like a real camera does rather than a computer. This gives you an amazing flexibility including working with ambient occlusion.

Physics and Particles

Here you can attach real items to mesh products and allow the objects to be treated as real with the real world physics. This includes the way things would pour or fall. It even takes into account soft bodies and how they would interact. Blender is a fully integrated system that can do some of the work for you.


Shading can be extremely complicated but the diffuse shaders and node editor enables you to take a flat piece and make it look 3D. You can work with the blurry sides and with reflection maps so that you can build an accurate model.

Realtime 3D/Game Creation

This is a workable section that gives you the game creation tools the pros use. The physics library has things like collision maps and bullet maps so that you can make your interactions more realistic and fun. This helps you move through the process of animation much faster.

Imaging and Compositing

The imaging and compositing side of the program allows you to determine how you want to link all the pieces. You can work the multilayer section in order to give you the options of more raw look or to smooth things over.


This is the community section of Blender. Here you can go to get advice on what you are doing and seek the best advice possible when you come to new challenges. You can expand the segments to get all the information you need.

Camera and Motion Tracking

This tracking helps you work with VFX production as you can animate film more simply. You can add special effects as well as totally new elements. The camera reconstruction gives you the best object tracking and flexibility when it comes to how you want to edit and alter the visuals.

Blender Interface

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