The Best 13 Typing Practice Software

Typing practice software is a kind of application by which we can learn more about the keyboard of the computer system. It raises one’s computer skills and increase the speed of typing letters or words. For such purposes, there are number of software available online. People can easily buy them online and increase their typing speed by using such software. Few of them are the most famous software available online which are as follows:

1. Typing Trainer(Windows xp/Vista/7/8)

What if we type our emails, projects, reports and other similar work in few minutes? If we don’t know how to type in an appropriate way then, this software provides us proper assistance. In this we can learn more and more day by day by using half of the time than earlier. It consists of few typing courses which are typing tests, typing related games and many more. The software guarantees its user that they will learn typing skills within 4-5 hours. This will also helps in speedy typing without seeing the keyboard. The software saves our valuable time. After the typing practice people can evaluate themselves.

Typing Trainer

2. Rapid Typing Tutor(Windows xp/Vista/7/8,Free)

This is a creative, inventive and feature-packed tutor, which provides us the tutorial in various languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Thai and so many other languages. It is color-coded for better navigation. It supports multiple users and imports the typing lessons from the plain texts. This program is good for the beginners. It comes with various zones like Typing Tutor, Typing Software, Typing Games, Typing Technique, Typing Champions, and Online Typing Test. It uses the keyboard in a fun and entertaining way. This software teaches the adults as well as the kids to use their computers more efficiently.

Rapid Typing Tutor

3. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe

It is a complete typing training solution to build the computer necessary keyboarding expertise/skills. It offers overall typing proficiency, helps for improvement in accuracy of words and after completion of the course people will increase their job possibilities.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe

4.Free KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

You an quickly learn speed typing by using the KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor to retrain your brain. It is not only about learning touch typing but also about thinking and visualizing words differently. Before you know it your fingers will fly across the keyboard and you will be in control of your literary destiny. No more hunt and peck and more importantly, no more wasted time.

Free KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

5.MaxType Pro Typing Tutor

MaxType Pro Typing Tutor goes beyond the standard typing tests and speed rush levels to provide new games for you to try. These games are perfect for helping your brain form the neural pathways you need to be able to get your point across more effectively.

MaxType Typing Tutor

6.Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

The Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor takes what you already know about typing and translates it directly to the way you will type when you are writing in Arabic. It makes all the difference and you will find that you will be typing at lightning fast speeds in no time.

Arabic Keyboard Typing Tutor

7.  10 Finger BreakOut

It will utilize the 10 finger style of typing and get your brain wired to translate words to the page through the screen. It is one of the best free typing games out there and you will find that it really works.

10 Finger BreakOut

8.KP Typing Tutor

KP Typing Tutor is designed to be flexible for the way you learn. You can go through the standard course, start at your current level or even design your own course.

KP Typing Tutor


Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor is just another one. The thing is, it really looks at the whole picture, not just focusing on teaching you the keys or increasing your speed.

 Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

10.Jr Typing Tutor

Jr Hindi English Typing Tutor can take you through the process and get you typing as fast as you do in English. You will find the keys and learn the placement and be able to make the connection in your brain.

Jr Typing Tutor

11.Bruce’s Unusual Typing

The great thing about Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard is that you can have your own specialized keyboard designed. This will change the testing and help you improve in the way you need to.

Bruce's Unusual Typing


TypeFaster can help you get up to the right speed. Even better, they can help you do it in multiple languages. You can choose from the multiple layout keyboards to decide what is most important for you and the way you work.


13. Aasaan Hindi Typing Tutor (Windows xp/2000/Vista/7 )

This is a kind of software which is designed for the people who do not have time to practice such courses. We provide them the very simple Hindi Typing tutorial which is the simplest way to guide touch typing skills. People can easily learn the basics of the software within 7-10 hours or depending upon the speed of the user.

Hindi and English Language Typing Practice Tool

These are the widely available softwares online, by which we can learn excellent typing skills to perform our work more efficiently and quickly. It improves the overall performance of a person’s accuracy and fluency, which create the opportunity for the brighter future.

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