Joker-Ea Review-A Great Forex Expert Advisor Software


Joker EA sells at the peak time of the market and buys during slack season of the market. Average frequency of trading is high. It trades at least once a day on an average. Sometimes it is possible that, not a single trade is possible for many days. The common indicators are ATR, Moving average and Bollinger Bands. These indicators work in synonymous with price analysis algorithm. Open prices are used only. It trades on M5. All the backtests must match and there should be no difference between a live account, demo account and a backtest. Some backtests belong to commercial robots. Live and demo trading was far from expectations. Some brokers don’t supply feeds of awesome quality. Their execution time is also very high. You should purchase it only after reading its joker-ea review.

Is it a good value? for whom?

Yes, it is definitely a good value for individuals and other organizations with awesome services in global international markets as per review joker-ea. Joker-ea is a partner of numerous brokerage software developers. The STP model is adopted with bridge technology that works with its main broker and operates the orders of customers from Non-dealing Desk mode.

Joker Ea Review

How well does it achieve those goals?

Joker EA is a technology of new generation which allows you to run, install and start gaining money. It has been very successful in achieving all those goals. To use it, one need not be a professional. Everyone can do it. It is absolutely free and the whole process is fully automated. It is very easy to install. You can also get a detailed guide of installation from the member area. This trading software trades itself through your account and incurs more profit for you. The process of trading can start with $100-$500. However, to get the real benefit, the recommended capital is $1000-$5000. It trades day and night. The market is ranging upward nearly 80% of the time and downward in the remaining 20% of time. This expert advisor follows a break down strategy. Profit and loss both are dynamically adjusted as per the volatility of the market. Open prices are normally used, so you get the same results on live accounts. It is a full match of blacktest.

What does the product promise?

The product promises to the clients a good option to choose the trading operations. It can be fixed or floating or simply 4 digits or 5 digits. It is in regular development and regularly implements sharp updated technologies. It always remains in contact with customers and partners. Long term co-operation with clients is our main aim. The product also makes and maintains circumstances for the efficient and effective use of cash assets. This expert advisor offers liquidity and creates conditions for corporate and private investors. They are also able to access global financial markets.

Give some advices for buying

First and foremost, you have to understand its genuineness through its license. This is issued for 2 real accounts and 3 dummy accounts. If you share the product other than this, it will be cancelled. The expert advisor also has refund policy of 2 months, money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied due to any reason, you can do so. After refund, you cannot buy it again.

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3 Responses to "Joker-Ea Review-A Great Forex Expert Advisor Software"

  1. brijesh says:

    hi, i bought joker ea. After few days i asked for refund.

    its more than 10 days, but still i did not get the refund.
    please dont buy Joker ea, if you think that you may need refund.

    I got mail from Avangate:


    We have been informed by http://www.joker-ea.com regarding the
    cancellation of your order #15242598. Therefore the transfer of this
    order`s amount towards your account has now been initiated.

    The total amount of the order (250 USD) will be returned to your
    bankaccount associated to the card after the number of days necessary
    for the actual bank transfer to take place, as the transaction is now
    refunded within the Avangate system.

    Sincerely yours,

    Avangate Team
    Email: pay@avangate.com

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