The 11 Best Free CMS for Building Website

Today, creating a website is easier than 10 years ago. You can breezily build a very professional website with CMS for your business without any building website experience and programming ability. However, facing so diverse CMS on the internet, which CMS is the best one to you? You will be sure to get the answer after reading the article. I have collected “the 11 best and free CMS ” for you, you only need to do two things to building your business website: 1. making a choice with the following list 2. reading documents of “how to install” and ” how to use” of the CMS.


Joomla is the most cherished, award winning open source Content Management System for creating strong websites. It is one of the most famous and free of cost CMS (content management system) worldwide. Tip Feature: mobile-ready

Free CMS - Joomla

2.Drupal (PHP + MySQl)

Another excellent option is to use resources of Drupal, which is an open source CMS, lot of prominent websites also have made use of them. Tip Feature: huge number of themesFree CMS - Drupal

3.Mediawiki (PHP + MySQl)

Mediawiki is a free open source wiki package originally used on Wikipedia. It is also used as CMS by non-profit Wikimedia Foundation projects, wikis and several other projects. It is written as PHP application and is server based. Its documentation is in English language but some contents have been translated in other languages also. Tip feature: wiki package

Free CMS - Mediawiki

4.Geeklog (PHP + MySQL)

Geeklog is an open source function for administrating the content of websites. It is already written in Php+mysql or MS SQL as backend record. It’s a CMS and blog engine along with the aids for remarks, manifold syndication arrangements, security against spam and the entire further aspects of structures. Tip feature: CMS+Blog engine

Free CMS - Geeklog

5.Concrete5 (PHP + MySql)

This software is free php open source CMS type software under MIT software license. Any business or internet start up can use it legally. With just an editing tool bar, one can update any page of website as it has nothing like complicated administration interfaces or intimidating manuals. The website owners can make editing, changes and additions as required making it SEO friendly. Tip feature: convert basic HTML into a concrete5 theme

Free CMS - Convrete5

6.Bigace (PHP + MySQL)

Bigace is an energetic MySql and PHP support, small to medium sized CMS (content management system). It’s actually a multiple site, languages and user friendly web content management system (CMS), whose major key points are effortless while employing it, speed, suppleness and easy amendment as per the requirements of people. Tip feature: multi-site, multi-language and multi-user Web CMS

Free CMS - Bigace

7.Soholaunch (PHP + MySQL)

Soholaunch Website Builder programming permits you to make and operate powerful Web locales online through your Web program. Intended for establishment at the server level, this all-in-one Cms is a user friendly website building wizard and content supervisor offering customers the move and customize page altering power, website detail reporting, FAQ administration, photograph collections, & creation of Web structure. Tip feature: all in one cms (cms+blog+forum)

Free CMS - Soolaunch

8.Pligg (PHP + MySQL)

Pligg is social publishing software ready through which commoners too can share their opinions and ideas. This software popularly known as CMS (Content Management System) is available for Free of cost. Through this system authors shall feel free to share their content. Tip feature: social publishing software + cms

Free CMS - Pligg

9.OpenRealty (PHP + MySQL)

One of the most popular and revered content management systems for property and real estate listings is Open Realty. The fact that it is available for free is certainly a major contributor to its phenomenal popularity. This software is concerned with marketing of realty listings and the management of its content management system application. Plus, what adds to its long list of features is that it is an open source. Tip feature: estate CMS

Free CMS - Openrealty

10.Kajona (Cross-platform)

This is a modern day German CMS System where hassle-free creation of genuine content is possible with rich plug-ins and templates. Integrated package management can be used to add extra components. Users of web servers like Apache and IIS can easily use this system.

Free CMS - Kajona

11.Nucleus CMS (IIS +MSSQL)

Nucleus CMS is a kind of system, which is perfect to Show the contents of multiple blogs on the same page or show the other periodicals on the identical weblog. People require making sure that the package of hosting do have at least a single and latest database of MS SQL accessible for installation.

Free CMS - Mucleus

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