The 13 Best Blog Software for Building Your Blog

Today, though creating a weblog is not hotter than to create a twitter or whatsapp account on the internet, it’s still a good idea to create your blog for publishing articles and speeches. To create a blog, first, you need to find a brilliant program that include the features below: 1. free of charge 2.easy to install 3.multi-theme supported 4.multi-plugin supported 5.seo friendly 6. easy to manage. That the following free blog platforms have been gathered by myself  will help you build a great weblog.

1. WordPress

WordPress is most famous blog software without any question.It is free and performs in PHP+SQl environment.

wordpress blog software

2.Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is a kind of system, which is perfect to show the contents of multiple blogs on the same page or show the other periodicals on the identical weblog.(Multi-weblog system). We are very sorry to tell you that this blog program has been stopped development program at June 14, 2014, it is fixed in the final version 3.64 (June 17, 2014 updated)

Mucleus CMS


B2evolution is a Free, Multilingual, multiuser open source software in which, one can abundantly upload and set up for complete authority of his/ her own site. It provides easy to keep up the package that assimilates entire devices people generally require to run a complete aspect sites.

B2evolution Blog Software


Geeklog is an open source function for administrating the content of websites. It is already written in Php+mysql or MS SQL as backend record. It’s a CMS and blog engine along with the aids for remarks, manifold syndication arrangements, security against spam and the entire further aspects of structures.

Geeklog Blogging Software


Soholaunch Website Builder programming permits you to make and operate powerful Web locales online through your Web program. Intended for establishment at the server level, this all-in-one Cms is a user friendly website building wizard and content supervisor offering customers the move and customize page altering power, website detail reporting, FAQ administration, photograph collections, & creation of Web structure.

Soholaunch blog software


Pivot is a free tool that has been developed by volunteers’ team who are close listeners of their user community. This tool has been powered by Smarty that is a powerful template engine. The templates are simple to understand as well as highly powerful. One of the main reasons as to why individuals are using this application for their blog system is that they can share several things with the world. (multi-weblog)

Pivotx Blog Software


Change as per your requirements the logic engine and appearance very easily while using Livestreet engine. It has rightly been implemented with the help of OOP on PHP5+MySQL5. This Free, Russia blog and social networks engine is built on the very useful theory of MVC model

Livestreet blog software


For those who did not know, is a LifeType state of art, multiple user blog blogging platform that requires the combination of Php+Sql to run. The best part about this software, in addition to its features, is that is free of cost



Drupal, which is an open source CMS and blog, lot of prominent websites also have made use of them.

Drupal blog software


DotClear is a Free French blog package made in the year 2002 by Olivier Meunier. Its proposed point is to improve a programming that completely regards web benchmarks dependent upon open source results, with multilingual interface and distributed proficiencies. It is composed in PHP+Mysql. DotClear is simple in production.



Textpattern is free, open source, lightweight blog engineering based upon PHP+MYSQL. Newest Version is 4.5.5 and only 1MB in size.If you are an expert in PHP/SQL/Html field, you can modify the style of textpattern’s appearance  to that you want to, if not, you can building a blog that you want with existent template. Textpattern’s admin-interface is clean and easy to use.

Textpattern Blog Software


Lifetype, a young but excellent blog engineering, support multi-domain, multi-weblog, multi-user. It’s free and developed in PHP. Lifetype is provided with a brilliant feature to me: multiple blogs in one installation. If you have a dozen of domain and want to build website with per domain,that the feature of ‘multiple blogs in one installation’ help you build blog with a single installation and a single database will save your time and energy.

Lifetype blog software

13.FlatPress (text database)

The last one, Flatpress, is very simple blog software written in PHP without SQL database supported, it only need to create a text file to store your article data.

Flatpress BLog Software

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