The Best 9 USB Virus Scanner

Are you worried about the safety of your system each time when you insert pen drive into it? If yes, then you need not worry because given below are some highly useful USB virus scanner that will take charge of protecting your system from malicious programs and autorun infections. These scanners offer antivirus protection, encrypted data, secure shredding, scanning on demand, universal usage, proactive protection, and many more features that users want. They help you protect sensitive data by quickly deleting it from the system once you have used it. In this way, no other user will be able to access that confidential information of yours. These tools allow storing of sensitive information in an encrypted manner in the memory card or USB flash drive in case of theft or loss.

1. USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security offers 100 percent protection against all threats through USB storage. This being a free USB virus scanner can be downloaded anytime from its official website with simple free of cost registration. This is among the best solutions for protecting your system when users are offline. Furthermore, it allows you to restore changes that are produced by the USB threats. Another benefit that comes with this software is that it is compatible with each and every kind of antivirus software that is available in the market. An added advantage is that it prevents unauthorized users from stealing your data. This USB virus scanner will offer increased protection against potential threats.

USB Virus Scanner - USB Disk Secuity

2. USB Drive Antivirus

USB drive antivirus is a tool that comes with comprehensive protection against different worms and viruses that try attacking through USB drives. On inserting USB device into your system, this tool will scan it automatically, block the device, and delete USB Trojans, malicious code, and virus from it. This unique USB virus scanner also helps in detecting as well as removing USB virus like autorun virus present in your system. It is this autorun.inf virus that does not allow users to open their USB drive like memory card, pen drive etc and hard disk by double click. It’s one of the best antivirus softwares for protecting your system permanently from USB worms. It is both light as well as easy and is pretty compatible with all other antiviruses that are available. It works without slowing down your system or affecting the performance of your system.

USB Virus Scanner - USB Drive Antivirus

3. McAfee VirusScan USB

Services offered by McAfee VirusScan USB will enrich digital life of yours by keeping your devices, identity, and data secured. Now you can connect confidently my making use of this excellent software that has been designed specially to fit into digital life of the users. Now, one and all can enjoy easy as well as safe experience online irrespective of whatever one is doing. This USB virus scanner helps you to protect all devices like tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs. It will guard your system against latest spyware, malware, and viruses. It allows users to lock their tablet and smartphone as well as track them in case they are stolen or lost.

USB Virus Scanner - McAfee VirusScan USB

4. Bitdefender USB Immunizer

Bitdefender USB Immunizer is an excellent tool that allows you to disable all threats related to auto-run even before they affect or access your system. This software can be downloaded from its official website and it comes for free. Though it comes with simple installation feature, but a step-by-step guide is provided to help beginners in installing this highly useful tool. Nowadays, autorun feature is one of the rapidly spreading infections that can affect your system anytime. This is the reason why this USB virus scanner has specially been designed for this purpose so that it can keep your system free from autorun infection. As soon as it is installed, it will continuously monitor inserted USB devices as well as immunize them before they affect your system.

USB Virus Scanner - Bit Defender USB Immunizer

5. Ninja Pendisk

Ninja Pendisk is a freeware and popular software that has been designed specifically for guarding systems against different viruses that are transmitted via USB pendisks. Once installed, this tool will quietly await in system tray for times when new USB pendrive gets inserted into the system and then this USB virus scanner will examine it for uncovering common virulent files and malicious programs called ctfmon.exe and autorun.inf in addition to many other infected programs. This software is extremely useful, highly portable, self-contained, and needs no installation. It works by removing virulent files and will immunize pendrive. It also creates autorun.inf folder with specific protection permissions for protecting pendrive from getting infected when plugged into some infected system.

USB Virus Scanner - Ninja Pendisk

6. USB Guardian

This is a special tool that helps in preventing your system by getting rid of infections, viruses, and worms that can harm your system. It provides you the flexibility of safely performing file share by simply making use of USB drive for file copying. Furthermore, you can also copy mp3, movies, pictures, and documents from one system to the other safely without worrying about them getting infected with viruses or worms via USB drive. This USB virus scanner has become an important commodity because it offers 100% protection to your system. It also protects devices like mobile phones, cameras, and thumbdrives.

USB Virus Scanner - USB Guardian

7. Autorun virus remover

This tool allows users to remove autorun.inf and autorun viruses quickly and easily. It also prevents viruses that infect your system from the USB drives. Now you can prevent leakage of data through USB removable devices because it is 100 percent compatible with the other antivirus softwares that are available in the market. This is the smallest and fastest antivirus tool that you will find. Moreover, USB virus scanner is the best solution for protecting your computer when you are offline. It’s designed using proactive technology that will permanently remove autorun.inf and autorun viruses from the system as well as block these viruses from infecting your computer through different kinds of USB drives like external hard drive, pendrive, ipod, and so on.

USB Virus Scanner - Autorun Virus Remover

8. Trustport usb av

This is an excellent mobile solution that allows users to perform secure transmissions of information on memory media that is interchangeable for instance memory cards and flash drives. This USB virus scanner will help in preventing copying of infected and harmful code onto the memory media by carrying out antivirus tests. It also enables files encryption against offers and entries that are unauthorized. It offers permanent media protection by scanning the system in addition to reliable data shredding feature. Once the tool is installed, it works quietly without affecting speed or performance of your system. Furthermore, it comes with automated updates which means whenever some update is provided, it will be done automatically.

USB Virus Scanner - Trustport USB AV

9. USB FireWall

USB Firewall is a tool that will protect your computer from various kinds of malicious programs. These programs will try launching themselves every time when USB drive is inserted. With this application, users will be informed whenever some malicious program is present on their external hard drive or flash drive or your camera event. As soon as USB firewall runs on your system, it will work in background. Furthermore, its windows are hidden till this USB virus scanner doesn’t find some malicious program that is trying launching itself from the USB drive. This tool will not remove bad programs or viruses that are already present in your computer but will stop affected programs from damaging your system.

USB Virus Scanner - USB Firewall

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