The Pros And Cons Of Buying The Asus LED HD Monitor review

The latest offering from Asus is the LED HD Monitor, which as is expected from the company, doesn’t fall short of the expectations one has from the brand. The Asus LED HD Monitor review, can’t stop raving about the quality of the images, videos and graphics that people experience with the HD monitor. The monitor sports a contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1, which offers users great accuracy in colour reproduction when it comes to displaying images that have differences in light and dark, that are extreme, while delivering optimal picture quality. Its 20 inch screen makes it possible to view pages at the same time, placed adjacent to each other.

In order to enable people to view images or graphics from various angles, the monitor offers vertical and horizontal angles of 160 degrees and 170 degrees respectively. Another area on which the Asus LED monitor scored great was the easy installing, a fact that went down well with most users, if the Asus LED HD Monitor review is anything to go by. In fact, it’s on screen controls help people to make changes quite easily according to their needs and requirements. The product also has embedded features like D- sub inputs, VGA and DVI-D along with HDCP. The monitor is compatible with both PCs as well as Mac. And for users that wouldn’t want to foot a long electricity bill they have an extra reason to smile as the LED monitor is Energy Star certified, which makes it energy efficient.

Asus LED HD Monitor review

Ultrafast 5 ms response time

Allows pixels to change colors quickly to avoid streaking, blurring and ghosting in fast-moving scenes and video games.

20″ LED screen

Offers a wide viewing area to display 2 pages side-by-side.

50,000,000:1 contrast ratio

Provides a high number of shades between black and white. This range enables accurate color reproduction when displaying images with extreme differences between light and dark for excellent picture quality.

250 cd/m² brightness

For a highly visible display and clear on-screen images.

1600 x 900 maximum resolution

Creates a high level of picture detail for a clear, bold display. The 16:9 aspect ratio enables borderless, full-screen HD video display for your movies and games.

170° horizontal and 160° vertical viewing angles

Let you clearly see the screen from multiple vantage points.

VGA, DVI-D with HDCP and D-sub inputs

Let you connect both digital and analog devices.

On-screen image controls

Allow you to make adjustments quickly and easily.

Compatible with PC and Mac

For use with your existing computer.

ENERGY STAR certified

Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy.

An ideal buyer for this product can range from any background, be it students or professionals. Infact, its versatility is a factor that had many users rooting for this product in numerous Asus LED HD Monitor review. Its dual monitor use, HDMI connection, great price and easy installation in addition to the host of features mentioned above, are like the final icing on the cake.

Coming to me, I bought the product after thoroughly going through the information listed on the website and after cross checking the information with the number of Asus LED HD Monitor review. To say the least, given my amount of worries about the monitor’s performance, I was more than satisfied with the Asus LED HD monitor. The most impressive feature of this monitor, according to me is its display. My images and graphics never looked any better. As a photography enthusiast, I do my share of editing which often requires me to use dual computers, which is something that this product has been most helpful in. Moreover, in fast moving pictures, the monitor’s fast response enables me to do away with blurring, streaking or ghosting. Its brightness, which is of the order of 250cd/meter square, gives me a display that is highly visible and clarity in on- screen pictures. Further, for playing games, I couldn’t have asked for any more, what with its maximum resolution of 1600 x 900, making me ever thankful for going for this product.

The Asus LED HD monitor does have some drawbacks as well. The foremost among them being that it doesn’t have a HDMI port. Another area that the product doesn’t score well is the lack of proper instructions in English, which can be a problem for amateurs. On the other hand, its various features make it one of the best value for one’s money products in the market today. Moreover, the monitor is also covered with a warranty of one year.

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