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There are literally thousands of browser games on the market, which makes it difficult for gamers to differentiate the good games from the bad ones. Even though soft4sharing.com only reviews the most popular browser games , there are still quite a bit of ‘popular’ MMORPGs, so the list below should help gamers find the best browser games. The top 10 best bowser games list below was compiled using review data from across the internet and from our own reviews here on takereviews. If you’re looking for the best fantasy MMORPG to play, you’ve arrived at the right place.


Seafight is the name of the game wherein you sail your ships through dangerous waters and enemies. This is an extremely user friendly game wherein you will pick up the rules and the ways of playing the same quickly, as you play along.Read More…


Dark Orbit is an imaginary spacing game which is experienced through an online browser. This is technically easy to play and requires no downloading.Read More…


Deepolis is definitely different from most other MMOs. Unlike the traditional MMO games, in this game, every player plays the role of the commander of a submarine and must wage a war against the other fleets.Read More…

4.Battlestar Galactica

Though there are lots of online games which are presented by different websites but Battlestar Galactica is one of the finest games which are enjoyed by kids as well as adults.Read More…

Farmerama is a 2D browser-based game which is a favorite online game among many people. Farmerama is more or less similar to the much played Farmville.Read More…


Drakensang is one of the latest games which are recently released. The game freaks who love to explore the new and sensational games will really like this one.Read More…


Those who love action are set to enjoy another great entertaining and adventurous game from Big point. This Great free Online Browser MMO Game Ruined Online is the latest title from Bigpoint a renowned name in the gaming industry.Read More…


Zoo Mumba is MMO which is based on 2D Isometric Browser. This allows you to create your own zoo and have different kinds of exotic animals from anywhere in the world.Read More…

9.Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima is a type of free to play empire building game where no downloading is needed. It is a type of game that doesn’t need your steady attention. It is an online game.Read More…

10.Warstory Europe in Flames

Warstory – Europe in Flames is a type of browser based strategy war game set during the World War II. It is the game that is played by many individuals since its launch. In this game you need to take charge of an intense company in the battlefields.Read More…

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Lord of Ultima Game Review

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Warstory Europe in Flames Review

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Ruined Review-Top Browser Game

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