Top 10 Free Desktop Calendar Software for Windows

At first, desktop calendar is a kind of software developed to view the time and date purposes conveniently. With the pace of people’s life gradually accelerated, “remind” feature, the another feature of desktop calendar appear to be more important aspect itself to people’s job and life. We are so lucky in this internet age, more than 100 desktop calendars are provided by the omnipotent internet, I just only have listed “top 10” for you, all of them offer a free edition, that is enough to you if you are not a crazy-work-man or full-time secretary.

1. Google Calendar Windows Client

My favorite calendar, 100% free to use, you just only need to registry a google email account, that’s all. Click here to view my post about “how to set up your google calendar client

Google Desktop Calendar for Windows Client
2.Active Desktop Calendar

This program shows a calendar with three months at a time on our system’s screen and it can be also be used in association with popular net based calendars of leading search engines. To feed information it does not take much of an effort and it also has facility of keeping information of our contacts.

Active Desktop Calendar


It is a highly customizable program which introduces calendar grid on desktop to add reminders and appointments on it. The requisite notes appear on desktop on appointed days/hours.


4.Destkop iCalendar Lite

Desktop calendar is one of the best wallpaper event calendars, which shows you all days of the ongoing month. Desktop iCalendar Lite displays data of Microsoft outlook and can directly forecast and manipulate weather from various information servers of the weather. It uses ample variety of skins and possesses high quality fonts. Overall, Desktop Calendar is simply very pretty to look at. The schedule of Microsoft Outlook is displayed on the desktop and one can see tasks of this software only.

Desktop iCalendar Lite

5.Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner

To start with this is not only a calendar, but also plays role of all-in-one including that of being a planner, and offers far more value. If one owns and runs a business based on internet, this too can help promote business by directing web traffic and increasing revenue generation.

Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner

6.Calendar 2000

Calendar 2000 is not a scheduling application but is best in system to create monthly and annual events. It provides almost all the required information on desktop.

Calendar 2000


Rainlendar Lite is customizable desktop calendar software which keeps all events and tasks visible on desktop. It is also a brilliant reminder system. With simple interface and familiar layout, it comes with intuitive commands. This semi-translucent calendar is well organized and has a To-Do-List.


8.Desktop Calendar Reminder

Desktop Calendar Reminder is also one of the best desktop calendar, which is freely downloadable now. The new features added include search notes and backup functions. One need to have certain requirements for this software like PC with Intel Pentium, Microsoft windows 2000, 16MB of RAM, 500 KB of free disk space, Keyboard and other pointing device.

Desktop Calendar Reminder

9.Screen Calendar

Screen Calendar software creates customized wall paper which has inbuilt desktop calendar in it. This calendar can be used for personal information management purposes. It is an easy and handy planner for routine requirements covering all aspects.

Screen Calendar

10.Desktop Calendar

In the Desktop Calendar applications you can schedule your appointments, tasks and important events as soon as you come to know about them therefore you are never going to miss out any event again in your life if you are using such Desktop Calendar.

Desktop Calendar

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Desktop Calendar for Win8

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