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While working on the computer or a laptop, people often require converting files, folders and archives into different formats. This can be a very tedious job, if people do not have the right means. With the right kind of software, people can do all their encrypting, compressing, securing and managing of files easily. People would notice the ease with which they can zip or unzip files. This being said, it is important that people have the right software for this purpose. A few of the best zip/unzip software are mentioned below to help you choose one that best meets your requirement.

1.7zip (100 % free)

This is  the best zip/unzip software that is an open source. This software enjoys substantial versatility. This can be judged from the fact that this software can be used on any computer, even one being used in a commercial environment. Also, people are supposed to register themselves for accessing 7zip. There are host of features that enable it to rule the reviews of most people. Chief among them is its compressed ratio, which happens to be around 2 to 10 % better than that of other leading software, that are regarded as the best zip/unzip software. It has localizations for over 79 different languages, while being compatible with Windows Shell. It also features a File manager that happens to be really powerful. This software is compatible with all leading operating systems, which include the likes of Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 9 and many more.

My favorite features: 100% free, high compression ratio, faster, simple interface

7 zip software

2. Winrar 5

The reason as to why this software often is mentioned in the list of world’s best zip/unzip software, is because of the seamless way people are able to convert files and then share them. The software contains features like a brand new file hash, the new format of files; RARS, a dictionary of increased size and a much improved mode of recovery among many other features, that surely users would not be able to get enough of. This software also helps in repairing and testing of archives.

My favorite feature:Up to 1G compression dictionary size
Winrar 5 zip software

3. WinZip

It offers unparalleled privacy of data, enabling a secure transfer of files. This is done as the software supports AES standard. People can conveniently not only zip and unzip files, but also send them via mail, without any hassles. This software also enables people to share files through cloud services. No wonder, this software is a regular in various lists of best zip/unzip software. This software also features a few add-ons, with which people can power a couple of other apps as well.

My favorite feature:Banking-level aES encryption

Winzip zip software


This software is must have for those users who are looking for a software utility for compression or decompression of files. A huge advantage that users get by using this software is that they do not have to spend any money on this software, as it is available for download and use, for free of cost. Further, people may also install it in more than one workstation, without having to pay anything extra. The software offers a very user friendly interface that enables users to explore the various features of this software pretty easily.

My favorite feature: just only it’s free software

zipGenius zip software

5. ZipX

This software is basically a utility that is specifically meant for encrypting and compressing files. This software is compatible with only Microsoft Windows. A great feature of this software is that it supports state of art encryption standards like Triple DES and AES. Additionally, it also is compatible with the digital certificates of X509 for the purposes of signing file data as well as encrypting it. A major advantage that people have for going for this software is that they would have to pay only once for license that is valid for a lifetime. They would receive free updates of the software by paying only once. The kind of functionality that this software sports with regard to encryption, compressing and conversion of Zip files is hard to find in any other software. In case people find their password, they can easily retrieve it with the help of the Masterkey feature that is exclusive to this software.

My favorite feature: Compress Audio CD

zipx zip software


This is one of the best best zip/unzip software that people would find in market. This software has been given thumbs up by both critics as well as past users. It enables users to create files in a host of formats that includes the likes of ISO and CAB, apart from the usual ZIP and ZIPX files. As this software is compatible with only Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, so people would first confirm whether they are using this operating system or not. Along with sporting a regression that is applicable to multiple cores, it also boasts of featuring a super fast RAR extraction.

My favorite feature:compress Database and pst file

Compress Database and Pst File

7. BitZipper

Apart from the usual advantage of conversion of RAR and Zip files, people would be able to get much more out of this software that often finds itself mentioned in the list of the best zip/unzip software. For starters, people can create files in over 11 varying formats, which includes ZIPX, TAR and BZ2 among many more. It also boasts over 4 different archives for self extraction. Moreover, people can extract encoding formats and archives that run over 47 variants. This software is notable for encryption of files as it supports premium standards like that of AES. Lastly, a feature that has been liked a lot by users is the software’s powerful file viewer that is inbuilt.

My favorite feature: create and open of  4 types self-Extracting zip file

Bitzipper zip software

8. StuffIt

This software makes it to the list of best zip/unzip software lists, because of its seamless functionality and user friendly interface. It is basically meant for those people who are just concerned with simple compression, encryption and expansion of files. It is not loaded with many features; however, this is its beauty. As it enables people to stick to basics rather than going for more complicated things. There is hardly any software that caters to the needs of beginners, as this one. It enables people to create SITX archives as well, apart from the usual ZIP archives. The expander that accompanies this software enables users to open files, which may be encrypted or compressed, into 30 varying types of files.

My favorite feature: easy to use, simple interface

Encrypt Files for Windows 7/8


When it concerns compression of files and data compression, it hardly gets any better than this, for PKZIP is one of the best zip/unzip software that is available in the market nowadays. The way it undertakes compression or extraction of files, enables users to reduce the storage space required by these files and at the same time minimize the time required for transmission. It directly encrypts Word, Excel and PPTs. People can protect their valuable data, as the software supports 3DES and AES standards. People may even overwrite their deleted files. This can be done for a maximum of seven times.

My favorite feature: compress and encrypt Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Files ,cross platform: like IOS, Linux, Dos,

Compress & Encrypt Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Files

10. WinAce

Priced at $29.00, people get a great combination of affordability and functionality with this software. State of art features provide this software an edge over other best zip/unzip software that are available today. These features results in high quality of compression and encryption of files. If people have to work extensively with ACE format. It also compresses some formats of files at a higher and faster rate, than is done by other software. The compression formats that are supported by this software are TAR, LHA, CAB and ZIP. In case of a problem, people can consult its customer care.

My favorite feature: compress specific files to ACE format

File Compression and Extraction Software

11. Express Zip

When it comes to extraction and compression of files, people can definitely include this software in their list of best zip/unzip software. This is a very efficient tool for creating, managing and extracting zip files. The main advantage that people would get with this software is a quick and reliable zipping and unzipping of folders and files. This software sports a very amiable user interface which people can maneuver through, intuitively. Once they install the software, it is operational in a matter of a few minutes. Apart from zipping and unzipping files, people can also burn CDs and DVDs with this software.

My favorite feature:  multi-part split zip archive feature

Create/Manage/Extract Zipped Files

12. Turbozip

This last software makes to every list of best zip/unzip software as it is a one stop solution for managing, compressing, encrypting and securing archives. This software is compatible with all leading operating software like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8 among many more. Further, users will get used to the interface in no time as its functioning is very intuitive. Even if people have average technical skills, they can unzip or zip files with the help of this software.

My favorite feature:browse photos or images before unzip

Browse Photos or Images Before Unzip

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