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Today, people depend heavily on internet for a variety of reasons in their day to day life. Another thing that they must know about is that often their system faces the risk of losing all its data due to the attacks by viruses or malicious files. These programs and files may even corrupt the hard disc, and people may not ever retrieve the data lost. Thus, people do need a firewall in order to free their computers from malware or viruses. Along with protecting one’s computer from any such harmful programs, a firewall detects which of the programs installed on the system are trying to call at the user’s home, and then stops it from doing so. When it comes to choosing a firewall, people can choose either a paid version or a free one as well. Among other things a Free Firewall can let anyone get the maximum out of the internet without having to worry about any malware to corrupt their data. Some of the popular and best firewalls are mentioned below, all of these firewall are free, and are on par with features. Which software  you select  depends on your preferences.

1) Comodo free personal firewall

rating star for 5 starsThis software offers its users complete protection from any online viruses or threats faced by their system. People can get their hands on a unique set of benefits by installing Comodo free personal firewall. The foremost of them is blockage of any dangerous internet attacks, a tech support that is both remote and live, complete protection of the system and updates on any suspicious files. In addition to protecting the system from malware and spyware, it automatically notifies its users about any updates of this Free Firewall. Plus, people also get the benefit of getting an experienced team of professionals do all the installation.

My Favorite Feature: SandBox Function. Only Con: Too Big, 202MB

comodo free personal firewall 6

2) Free Firewall Private Firewall

rating star for 5 starPeople can get an advanced level of internet security for their system with Privacyware. This firewall is compatible with leading operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, among many more. It offers great security through a multilevel defense mechanism. Another great thing about this Free Firewall is that it is available completely free of cost. Also, people are not supposed to participate in any programs by third parties or download any toolbars or ads, to get this firewall.

Private Firewall

3) Zonealarm Free Firewall

rating star for 4.5 starThis software offers its users state of the art protection of unwanted attacks and threats from the internet to their system. For this, it uses a protection mechanism that sports an advanced access. This type of protection enables the software to target and defeat new threats, which are generally missed out by other software, which include the likes of COM and SCM attacks. It also provides protection against silent outbreaks that may gain access to the system. This Free Firewall also shields the system during starting up, when most other security software are not even installed. A great benefit that users get with this software is that it does not allow companies to collect the personal data of users.

Zonealarm free firewall-2014

4) Free Firewall Tinywall

rating star for 4.5 starThis software is different than other free and commercial firewalls, as it sports a unique blend of features that gives users a state of art functionality. To start with, this firewall bars numerous Trojans and viruses from attacking the system. It also does not waste the user’s time with useless pop ups. It also does not necessitate that the users know about various ports and protocols. Nevertheless, people could easily specify the attack from websites which are to be exempted from this Free Firewall. People also do not have to worry about any malware modifying the settings of their Windows firewall.

Tinywall free firewall

5) Free Firewall Fortknox Firewall

rating star for 4.5 starThis Free Firewall is basically a personal firewall that enables people to keep malicious content like attack from hackers, spyware, malware or any unwanted threats from the internet, at bay, from their system. With the help of its SPI technology and inbuilt IPS mechanism, it offers extended protection for users. The firewall automatically notifies users about any updates available of the software. In addition to all these features, yet another impressive feature of this firewall is that it blocks unwanted ads. It also blocks cookies, so that people are not annoyed by unnecessary reminders of the websites, they do not want to visit. People also can find help as this firewall comes along with a great tech support.

Fortknox free Firewall

6) Free Firewall AVS Firewall

rating star for 4.5 starWith this Free Firewall, users can easily bar, irritating flash ads, pop ups and even viruses, from gaining access to their systems. It works by creating a Whitelist of all the websites as well as URLs that the users may choose to work with. It takes note of all the websites and applications that may try to gain access to the user’s system, and then warns them against such applications or websites. People will have no problem in installing or operating this firewall, as they have a premium tech support to help them out in case of any problem. This tech support is available in a few other languages other than English with the likes of German, Italian and Spanish.

AVS Free Firewall

7) Free Firewall Ashampoo

rating star for 4 starAshampoo free personal firewall  is still one of the best, although ashampoo has stopped developing their firewall since 2007, if you still run a xp/2000 system, ashampoo is the best choice for you yet. The first thing that would make users really impressed is it’s extremely user friendly interface. Instead of being complicated or confusing, people can easily maneuver their way through the various features of this program even if they are not exactly a computer wizard. However, despite its simplicity, this software is not at all lightweight, in fact it is loaded with some great features. To know these features, people would only have to activate ExpertMode and users are ready to roll. For instance, people can issue different instructions for each of their programs, while specifying the kind of connections or ports that they would like to be used. People can also monitor both internal connections of their system and local area networks, while getting complete details of these connections, once they install this Free Firewall.

Ashampoo Free firewall review

8) Free Firewall Handycafe Firewall (5 stars Free Firewall Based on Network )

rating star for 5 starsThe last one is free firewall  based on networks (eg: for internet cafe, but if your kids has t computer ,you can install the software ‘server +client’  to manager/monitor your kids surfing healthy). It works by filtering nay content that is specified by the users. For instance, filtering of keywords, contents, type of files or even clients. With this firewall, people can even view videos in light speed. With its GPU interface, people would it very easy to maneuver. This firewall is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Yet another benefit that people get by installing this software is a better management of the system’s bandwidth.

Handycafe free Firewall

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