What We Need to Consider Buying Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor can be referred to as a computer monitor that is designed as well as constructed especially for usage with the video games. As we come across several gaming applications, it becomes highly important to make use of monitors that provide fastest refresh rate. This is because with several video games, actions on displays keep on changing often and rapidly. This means that the refresh rate of gaming monitors should be such that it can handle the quick image change without affecting the game play negatively. When selecting a gaming monitor it should be either LCD or CRT monitor. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is an old display technology which offers features like heavy and deep monitor case. On the other hand, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is the latest technology offering features like lightweight and thin monitors. Most of the game lovers make use of LCD monitors as it offers vibrant and sharp images as well as larger display Size.

Gamers from all parts of the world are highly choosy about their gaming devices like monitors. We will consider several things when we are selecting a gaming monitor because we spend considerable amount to time in playing games using this product. However, selecting appropriate gaming monitor model can be sometimes overwhelming. After choosing the computer, the next thing that we do is deciding which monitor with fulfil all our needs and requirements. Given below are some factors that we should consider prior to finalising a gaming monitor.
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LED panel consists of a number of LEDs. It offers extended lifetime of 100,000 to 1,000,000 hours. It also reduces power consumption to about 50% as compared to the standard LCD monitors available. LCD panels are cheaper than LED panels but LED panels offer faster moving game as well as videos with colour accuracy and it is the best choice between LCDs and LEDs.

  1. Size-: This is another factor that needs consideration when it comes to finalizing which monitor would be the best to purchase. The individual is the one who decides this when Size is concerned. It would be best for us to select a gaming monitor that has larger screen so that we get remarkable gaming experience. We can select between 15 inch and 23 inch but most of the games prefer monitors having 17 inch screen Size.
  2. Response rate-: this is a time when gaming monitors should respond to different colour changes. This is in fact the most important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a gaming monitor. Those who are willing to use their gaming monitor for playing aggressive games, then we must select a monitor having Response rate of below or equal to 8 milliseconds.
  3. Display port-: Display port can be called as a successor to Response rate and offers bandwidth connection instead of cable type that is provided by HDMI and DVI. Bandwidth connections facilitate lighter and thinner monitors because they will not require any special circuitry for getting video signals.
  4. Response rate (pixel)-: Response rate means how quickly a pixel will respond to change in colours and is usually calculated in ms (milliseconds). There is a rapid change in pixels when low ms are there. Hence, if we reduce ms, we will come across lower streaking or ghosting effect that we see when images change or move.
  5. Input Lag-: Most of the players are affected by this. It is actually calculated as the delay in the image when monitor speed is behind of the actual speed of the screen with which it sends the image. If reactions are very crucial part of our game play, it will be a good idea to carry out some research on this feature before purchasing the monitor.
  6. Ergonomic Options-: maximum gaming monitor will come with a screen tilt of 30 degree back and 5 degree front. There are a few that offer swivel aspect, pivot between landscape and portrait modes, and height adjustability that makes website viewing as well as legal Size documentation convenient.

Apart from these vital considerations, some other aspects are also there that one should consider prior to purchasing a gaming monitor that suits all our needs and requirements and some of these include USB, viewing angle, audio, screen resolutions, and so on. These aspects are explained in detail below-:

  1. Resolution-: while purchasing a gaming monitor, we have to see that its resolutions should be at least Full HD 1920 X 1080. These days, monitors having this resolution are accessible easily. Moreover, they are within our budget and so we can purchase them without much investment.
  2. Contrast ratio-: contrast ratio is actually the ratio of luminance of white to black which our monitor is liable of producing. Usually, it is better to purchase a gaming monitor with high contrast ratio because it will offer crisper colours. But it is important to note that our monitor should not be chosen solely based on contrast ratio.
  3. Brightness-: brightness of our monitor will be measured in terms of cd/m2 (candelas per square metre). We will mostly come across monitors that offer 300 cd/m2 because very low or very high brightness can be bad. Moreover, these monitor comes with brightness adjusting feature which means that gamers can adjust the brightness of their systems according to their needs.
  4. Monitor inputs-: we need to make sure that inputs that are included in our monitor when we are actually purchasing it. The gaming monitors that are good will offer a mixture of D-sub, VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI inputs. Hence we should confirm whether our monitor is supporting video card or not.
  5. Speakers-: there are some monitors that come with in-built speakers while with some we have to purchase speakers. It is better to purchase speakers that are not in-built in the monitors. This will help us in adjusting the volume as per our gaming requirements.
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